Mobile Legends Heroes

Mobile Legends Heroes List

There are a total of 75 Mobile Legends heroes available at the time of writing. Each of them has their own specialties in the battlefield, so it is very important to know your role in the team before diving into the game. MLBB is constantly adding new characters to the game and let’s take a look at the list of heroes before going further with all the classes and specialties tutorial:

  • Akai
  • Balmond
  • Belerick
  • Franco
  • Gatotkaca
  • Grock
  • Hilda
  • Hylos
  • Johnson
  • Kaja
  • Lolita
  • Minotaur
  • Tigreal
  • Urannus
  • Aldous
  • Alpha
  • Alucard
  • Argus
  • Badang
  • Balmond
  • Bane
  • Chou
  • Freya
  • Hilda
  • Jawhead
  • Lapu Lapu
  • Leomord
  • Martis
  • Minsitthar
  • Roger
  • Ruby
  • Sun
  • Thamuz
  • Zilong
  • Alucard
  • Fanny
  • Gusion
  • Hanzo
  • Hayabusa
  • Helcurt
  • Karina
  • Lesley
  • Lancelot
  • Natalia
  • Lapu Lapu
  • Saber
  • Selena
  • Zilong
  • Bruno
  • Claude
  • Clint
  • Hanabi
  • Irithel
  • Karrie
  • Kimmy
  • Layla
  • Lesley
  • Miya
  • Moskov
  • Roger
  • Yi Sun-Shin
  • Aurora
  • Alice
  • Chang'e
  • Cyclops
  • Eudora
  • Harith
  • Harley
  • Kadita
  • Kagura
  • Karina
  • Kimmy
  • Lunox
  • Nana
  • Odette
  • Pharsa
  • Selena
  • Valir
  • Vexana
  • Zhask
  • Angela
  • Diggie
  • Estes
  • Kaja
  • Lolita
  • Minotaur
  • Nana
  • Rafaela

Mobile Legends characters have different advantages, disadvantages, and their styles of play are quite different as a result. The first set of differences between each Hero is Class, which will come easily to anyone who’s played many competitive games before. If you’re new to gaming, it’s basically a broad group of Heroes who share similar traits. The Heroes get even more unique, with the character-specific Specialties. 

There are 6 different classes in Mobile Legends Heroes – Tank, marksman, fighter, assassin, mage, and support. Each of these classes has their own strengths and weaknesses, and their special skills where they excel. No class of Mobile Legends Heroes can succeed on their own, and your team needs to use teamwork to combine their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and to defeat the enemy. 

However, Mobile Legends puts a twist on this time-tested system with the Specialty that you can apply to your Heroes. Specialties provide unique bonuses based on the type, of which there are roughly nine types. Between six different classes and nine types of specialization, you get an idea of how diverse the roster is without having to play every single hero. 



Moving back to class, the simpler of the two, Tanks are melee focused heroes who have strong defensive stats and that can take a lot of punishment. This may sound great on its own, but the damage they can deal usually isn’t that high, so if they fight alone they’re still likely to be overwhelmed. The tank needs to work together with a Marksman or a Support, so that the Marksman can deal damage while the Tank protects them, or so that the Tank can soak up damage and continue to be healed.


A Fighter has a more moderate set of attack and defense stats, and these stats enable it to play a flexible, all-around effective role, as they can take and deliver reasonable amounts of damage. They’re a great starter class, to get a feel for your style and priorities.


Completing the triptych is the Assassin – high speed, high damage, low health and defense stats make for a class that hits like lightning and vanishes as quickly. They’re great for jungling and executing surprise attacks, so this is the class for you if you like tactical play and racking up kills.


What if you’re not one for getting into the thick of things, though? I’m happy to tell you your options go on. The Marksman focuses on normal attacks and physical damage from a distance. A well-farmed marksman could be a team killer that turns the tide.


Marksman and the Mage provide different approaches to deal high damage from a distance. the Mage uses devastating, special Magic attacks which can ruin an opponent that’s not prepared. They’re both a bit squishy, though, so you better help your Tank and your Fighter so they can help you. 


Maybe you’re a Good Samaritan who just enjoys seeing everyone around you do well and be happy. If so, Support is the class for you. Support heroes have little emphasis on damage at all, and instead, they use their ability to heal and protect teammates. While it doesn’t sound as exciting, the Support is the real heart of the team. Mobile Legends Heroes are so unique and diverse that there’s a few you’re sure to love and that’ll definitely suit you.


To get a full picture of the diversity of Mobile Legends roles that the heroes play, you need to appreciate the Specialty feature, as well – each hero of a given class has one or more specialties, and these serve to flesh out the skills and strengths of your hero.


The first of these is Regen – the ability to restore the health of your comrades, or sometimes yourself and to help provide for the Support hero Mobile Legends roles. The benefits of a regen specialty will help keep your team fighting and provide that last push to win.


Speaking of which, Push indicates a character that can tackle towers and minions effectively. If they can get a shot at the enemy minions and tower without enemy players getting in the way, they’ll give a great performance.

Damage, Burst Damage, and Poke refer to damage-focused Heroes, but in different ways.


A Poke damage Hero uses rapid, individually weak attacks to soften up enemies and deal reliable damage.

Burst Damage

Burst Damage indicates that they possess more infrequent, but devastating attacks – great for delivering the finishing blow before you become vulnerable.


A ‘Damage’ Hero strikes a happy medium, delivering reliably damaging attacks with steady frequency.

Similarly, Charge and Initiator both refer to a Hero forcing a fight, but in different ways.


The Charge specialty is common for Fighters and fast, hard-hitting characters who have an ability to quickly close the distance and start attacking a valuable target, such as leaping or otherwise fast movement.


Initiator is usually a Tank specialty; if a Hero has Initiator, it means they have abilities to drag an enemy into the thick of the fight. It’s a great way to bring a distant Marksman or Mage into pummeling range or to prevent a wounded enemy from making their escape.

Crowd Control

Finally, Crowd Control indicates a specialty towards messing up your enemies with stuns and other debuffs. While good on their own, they really shine when you use them in combination with a teammate running Damage Burst – pin them in place and let your ally deliver a devastating attack.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and that I’ve helped you find the Mobile Legends characters that are right for you! Also, if you haven’t already, feel free to check out our Mobile Legends tips to help you get familiar with the game.