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Not sure which Mobile Legends items to get? Or simply want to compare them side by side? Lucky for you, we have created a complete list of items that are available in the game for your viewing pleasure. Now, let’s take a closer look at them and plan for your next battle!

Attack Items

ItemStats & UniqueUnique PassiveCost
Demon Hunter Sword+35 Physical ATK
+25% Attack Speed
Devour: Basic attacks will deal 10% of the target's current HP as additional physical damage (up to 60 against monsters).2180
Deadly Blade+60 Physical ATK
+15% Attack Speed
Life Drain: Basic attack reduces HP regen effect by 50% for 3s1950
Corrosion Scythe+50 Physical ATK
+400 HP
+15% Attack Speed
Corrosion: Basic attacks lower the target's attack speed by 10% and have a 50% chance to reduce the target's movement speed by 35%.

Impulse: Dealing damage with basic attacks increase your physical attack by 2%, up to a maximum of 6%. Lasts for 3s.
Malefic Roar+60 Physical ATK

Unique: +40% Physical PEN
Armor Buster: Basic attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret's defensive armor.2060
Haas's Claws+70 Physical ATK

Unique: +20% Lifesteal
Insanity: When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal.1810
Berserker's Fury+65 Physical ATK
+25% Crit Chance

Unique: +40% Crit Damage
Doom: Crit strikes will increase one's physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.2200
Endless Battle+65 Physical ATK
+25 Magic Power
+250 HP
+300 Mana
+5% Movement SPD
+15% Lifesteal
Divine Justice: After using an ability, the next basic attack will deal additional 70% of physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5S.

Chase Fate: When Divine Justice's effect is triggered, it will increase the hero's movement speed 15%.
Windtalker+25% Attack Speed
_20 Movement SPD
+20% Crit Chance
Typhoon: After every 4 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies.1920
Scarlet Phantom+30 Physical ATK
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Crit Chance
Frenzy: Crit strikes will increase the hero's attack speed 25% and crit strike rate 5%, lasting 2s.2120
Blade of the 7 Seas+75 Physical ATK
+300 HP
Steamroll: Skills will lower the target's physical defence by 25 points (applied before damage), lasts for 3 seconds.1950
Blade of Despair+170 Physical ATK
+10% Attack Speed
Despair: Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled).3010
Hunter Strike+100 Physical ATK
+10% CD Reduction
Hunt: Attacks the enemy 5 times in a row and improves the hero's movement speed by 30% for 2s. This effect has a cooldown of 15s.2010
Bloodlust Axe+70 Physical ATK
+10% CD Reduction

Unique: +20% Spell Vamp
Rose Gold Meteor+60 PhysicalATK
+30 Magic RES
+5% Lifesteal
Lifeline: Gain a shield that can absorb 510 - 1350 damage (increases with level) when HP is below 30%. The effect has a 30 second cooldown.2270

Magic Items

ItemStats & UniqueUnique PassiveCost
Enchanted Talisman+50 Magic Power
+250 HP
+20% CD Reduction
Mana Spring: Regen 10% total of one's max mana every 10s.1870
Winter Truncheon+60 Magic Power
+50 Armor
Frozen: When own hero's HP drops below 30% pts, being hit by basic attack will lower target's movement speed by 80% and deal 50% of magic power as magic damage to the target. This effect has a 5s cooldown.1910
Feather of Heaven+65 Magic Power
+30% Attack Speed
Affliction: Basic attacks will deal 40% of the hero's AP as additional magic damage.

Derive: Increases Spell Vamp effect by additional 8%.
Disaster Truncheon+60 Magic Power
+50 Magic RES
The Dead: When skills cause damage to target, will reduce 25 pts of magic resistance for the target, lasting 5s.2060
Necklace of Durance+65 Magic Power
+300 HP
+5% CD Reduction
Life Drain: Skill dealing damage to the target reduces the regen effect by 50% for 3s.2060
Devil Tears+65 Magic Power

Unique: +40% Magical PEN
Spellbreaker: When HP is higher than 70%, the unique bonus effect is increased by 30%.1970
Holy Crystal+90 Magic Power

Unique: +25% Magic Power
Exterminate: After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3s with a built-in cooldown time of 10s.2180
Concentrated Energy+70 Magic Power
+700 HP

Unique: +30% Spell Vamp
Recharge: Regen 10% of one's HP after killing a hero.2020
Ice Queen Wand+75 Magic Power
+15 Mana Regen
+7% Movement SPD
Ice Bound: Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times.1940
Glowing Wand+75 Magic Power
+5% Movement SPD
+15 Magical PEN
Scorch: Burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, dealing 2%/2.5%/3% of the target's current HP as magic damage, at least 10 pts.2120
Calamity Reaper+70 Magic Power
+400 Mana
+10% CD Reduction
Calamity: After using a skill, the next basic attack deals extra true damage equal to 120% magic attack with a cooldown of 1.5s.1950
Clock of Destiny+60 Magic Power
+615 HP
+600 Mana
Time: Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attack every 30s. Up to 10 times.

Reincarnate: If Time is fully stacked, then the hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana.
Blood Wings+150 Magic Power
+150 HP
Nirvana: Adds 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.2850
Fleeting Time+70 Magic Power
+15 Mana Regen
+10% CD Reduction
Timestream: After killing an enemy hero, immediately reduces 20% of current reuse time for all abilities.2050
Lightning Truncheon+75 Magic Power
+30 Mana Regen
Resonate: Every 6 seconds, your next damaging magical ability will proc, a maximum of 3 enemies will be hurt by 150% magic power damage.2150

Defense Items

ItemStats & UniqueUnique PassiveCost
Courage Bulwark+770 HP
+45 HP Regen
Bravery: Increases 10% of attack power and defense for nearby allies.

Heavy Armor: Nearby soldiers can take more defense turret damage.
Blade Armor+90 ArmorCounterstrike: Deals 25% of opponent's physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.1660
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen+15 Physical ATK
+1000 HP
+10% CD Reduction
Demonize: Increases physical and magical defense 40% and physical lifesteal 15% when HP drops below 40%.2250
Thunder Belt+25 Magic Power
+800 HP
+400 Mana
+40 Armor
+15 HP Regen
Thunderbolt: After you use the skill, next basic attack will carry an extra 40% of physical attacks as true damage, and slow down the target and surrounding enemy units, lasts 1.5s. Effect can only be used once every 1.5s.2290
Cursed Helmet+920 HP
+50 Magic RES
Burning Soul: Deals 1.5% of one's max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies, and deals extra 50% of damage to minions.1830
Bloodthirsty King+1550 HPBloodthirst: A kill or assist regens 20% of hero's HP within 5s. 10s cooldown.2380
Demon's Advent+920 HP
+54 Armor
+30 HP Regen
Deter: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his/her attack power 6%. This effect lasts 2s and can stack up to 3 times.2170
Oracle+850 HP
+36 Magic RES
+35 HP Regen
+10% CD Reduction
Scream: Within 4s after being attacked, the hero will regen 8% HP. This effect has a 6s cooldown time.2110
Athena's Shield+900 HP
+56 Magic RES
+20 HP Regen
Shield: Get a damage-absorbing shield every 30s. Shield absorption amount grows as the match goes on, maxing out at 1150.2050
Dominance Ice+500 Mana
+70 Armor
+5% Crit Chance Reduction

Unique: +15% CD Reduction
Arctic Cold: Lowers movement speed 5% and lowers attack speed 30% for nearby enemy heroes.2110
Immortality+800 HP
+40 Magic RES
Immortal: Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 pts of damage. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s.2120
Brute Force Breastplate+770 HP
+45 Armor
Brute Force: Attacking an enemy will increase one's capabilities, increasing movement speed 2% and physical attack 3%. This effect lasts 4s and can stack up to 4 times.2120
Heart of Steel+880 HP
+30 Armor
+35 HP Regen

Unique: +20% Crit Chance Reduction
Ancient Ghostatue+920 HP
+70 HP Regen
+5% CD Reduction
Runner: On leaving combat, movement speed will increase by 60.1900

Jungle Items

ItemStats & UniqueUnique PassiveCost
Star Shard+30 Magic Power
+25 Mana Regen

Unique: +30% Damage to monsters
Greed: Get an extra 30% Exp when jungling. Regain 4% of maximum health and 10% of mana after monster kill.

Gorge: Increases damage by 0.5% on killing a jungle monster, stacking up to 2 times.

Makes the battle spell 'Retribution' applicable to heroes: Reduces target's 70% of movement speed (the effect will decay within 3s) and reduces target's magic resistance. Buying other advanced jungle gear will disable this effect.
Beast Killer+20 Armor
+20 Magic RES

Unique: +30% Damage to monsters
Greed: Get an extra 30% Exp when jungling. Regain 4% of maximum health and 10% of mana after monster kill.

Gorge: Slaying jungle monsters increases one's physical and magic defense by 3. Stacks up to 10 times.

Makes the battle spell 'Retribution' applicable to heroes: Reduces target's 70% of movement speed (the effect will decay within 3s) and within a short period of time receive a shield that scales off maximum health. Buying other advanced jungle gear will disable this effect.
Raptor Machete+30 Physical ATK
+15% Physical PEN

Unique: +30% Damage to monsters
Greed: Get an extra 30% Exp when jungling. Regain 4% of maximum health and 10% of mana after monster kill.

Gorge: Slaying jungle monsters increases your physical attack by 4. Stacks up to 10 times.

Makes the battle spell 'Retribution' applicable to heroes: Reduces target's 70% of movement speed (the effect will decay within 3s) and reduces target's magic resistance. Buying other advanced jungle gear will disable this effect.

Movement Items

ItemStats & UniqueUnique PassiveCost
Warrior Boots+22 Armor

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Valor: Physical defense will go up 5 with each basic attack received, for an increase of up to 25 points, lasting 3s.690
Tough Boots+22 Magic RES

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Fortitude: Reduces time controlled 25%.890
Magic Shoes+10% CD Reduction

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Arcane Boots+15 Magical PEN

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Swift Boots+15% Attack Speed

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Rapid BootsUnique: +50 Movement SPD

Wizard Boots+300 HP

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Plunder: 80 gold will be awarded for assists700
Boots of Tranquility+20 HP Regen
+20 Mana Regen

Unique: +40 Movement SPD
Bless: HP regen effect increased by 10%.720

Some Things that You Need to Know

  • You can buy multiple of the same items, but only the stats will stack. “Unique” and “Unique Passive” are not stackable.
  • There is a cap on CD reduction, which is 40%.
  • There is no point in saving up for the final version of the item, you should start buying tier 1 items as soon as you got enough gold for it.
  • Your items can be sold for half of its original price.
  • Pre-plan your gear and make use of “recommended gear” feature for quick purchase without opening up the shop window.

That is pretty much it. We hope the list is useful for you and we will try our best to keep the item list updated. If you find any errors or typos in the tables, please contact us or leave a comment below and we will get it corrected as soon as possible. Also, if you haven’t already, please remember to go through our Mobile Legends guide, it is very useful especially for people who just joined this game.

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